Ultra resistance and high performance on building sites and in quarries


Robust in difficult conditions

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" Triumph difficult terrains"
  • Good vehicle productivity
  • High resistance to cuts and chips
  • Lower vehicle operating costs
  • Excellent retreadability even after use in extreme conditions
  • Motricity on all types of surfaces:
    • wide and deep grooves
    • solid offset side blocks for quick cleaning
  • Mixture of tear-resistant and tear expansion-proof rubber
  • Reinforced tyres can be retreaded twice with MICHELIN Remix
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"Test its solidity"
  • Maximum carcass protection
  • Reinforced, puncture-proof, metal plies
  • Rubber shield with deflectors
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"Extend the use of your tyres"
  • With MICHELIN Remix, a comparable performance to new MICHELIN XZH2 R tyres while saving 60kg in material
  • Tyres manufactured in compliance with environmental standards
  • Up to 87% retread rate(1)
  • All MICHELIN XZH2 R tyres are produced in ISO 14001 certified European factories

(1) Retread rate for Y range across France 2011

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